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Earth Day April 22, 2010 - Celebrate with us !!

With continued pressures to conserve electricity and reduce costs, advanced metering technology is necessary to provide a simple, low-cost way to achieve those goals. EcoSensorz “smart meters” allow you to identify how, when and where electricity is being used in your home, business or factory.  Once in place, EcoSensorz enables you to conveniently read your electrical use data from your desktop PC/Mac or Smartphone in real time.

You can connect these easy to use electrical meter devices to a wide array of energy-intensive loads, including lighting circuits, heating and cooling systems, individual pumps or motors as well as entire buildings.  Want to know more about what a specific appliance or motor is using in terms of electricity?  Clip on an Ecosensorz power sensor on the wires, connect to the Internet and view the data instantly, no need to power down or disconnect the appliance.

Ecosensorz is an intuitive, real-time, accurate electricity monitor for your home or business. Monitor your energy use, compare your electricity consumption to historical data, verify your power company’s electricity bill and more !

Save Energy by Monitoring your Electricity Use

Flexible Metering

Single Phase

Three Phase

Load Profiling

Interval Data Logging

Real Time Data

Internet Storage

Graphical Analysis


Electrical monitor for anything from a single lighting circuit to an entire building.


Easily installed device that can be set up without interrupting electrical supply to your home or business